the Artistry of Christopher Acebo

"When designing whether it's for the web, print, or an application it's not only important to research but to try new methods while still adhering to current industry standards. So if it's just me or a group effort I'm also open to new ideas and more importantly bringing innovation to the table.

I'm not one to break or bend rules but one who likes to build on them in order to explore different directions. My best suggestion is don't be afraid to present something and whatever it is to have fun doing it."


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Custom Website Design and Development

Whether you have an existing site or are new and looking to create a web presence
Zebo Graphics can create a custom web design to suit your needs. Let us build the unique look and feel you're seeking for your small or mid-size business.

We can improve and enhance the web sites user experience and functionality as well as the visual design of your site.